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Non-Alpine Epithelioid Angiosarcoma of Thyroid Gland: A Rare Clinical Scenario

Asad Azim, Fatima Mir, Talat Waseem, Khawaja M. Azim


Malignant sarcomatous tumors of thyroid gland of vascular endothelial origin are uncommon. Moreover, epithelioid variety of angiosarcoma of thyroid gland is even rarer and exhibit relatively aggressive oncological behavior especially in Non-Alpine world. Here we report such a case of the thyroid neoplasm which proved to be angiosarcoma of thyroid gland on final immunohistological analysis and was treated with total thyroidectomy followed by adriamycin based chemoradiation. This tumor accours very rarely in Non-alpine region and to the best of our knowledge only 19 cases of such a variety have been previously reported in the literature in form of case reports. We also give a brief review of the literature.


Angiosarcoma; Thyroid Gland; Thyroidectomy

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